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What are your Competitors doing Right Now?
Today's competitive global market, which varies quickly, demands managers to see a consistent and up-to-date picture of the company's market; identify threats or look for development opportunities. Korss CI Platforms allow you to effectively monitor the market at real time, intensively analyze the information and improve decisions making process in order to outsmart your competitors.
Korss Company develops and markets competitive intelligence platforms that turn common data into priceless decision supportive information.
Korss Advanced Solutions was established in 2007 in order to develop and market competitive intelligence and information platforms. Korss develops technologies that help organizations automate the process of collecting, managing, analyzing and publishing critical information...
Korss CI allows defining unlimited number of data sources, retrieving and saving the information from the data sources in real-time.
Korss CI provides an automatic updates mechanism and allows correct decision making based on any occurring event.
Korss CI reduces 'noise' and allows the exposure to the most relevant data through filtering and meta-data definitions, thus reduces the investment and manpower costs.
Korss CI allows getting information from anyone within the organization.
Korss CI allows decision management to take place using decision forums. It supports distributing tasks and action items to the relevant roles in the organization.
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